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  1. If you are applying to a college or university, always ask the school if they do their own evaluations or if you need to have the evaluation done by an outside agency.
  2. If you are required to send your credentials for evaluation, always send the following:
    • Twelfth grade marks statement;
    • Marks statements for all years of your undergraduate study and graduate study;
    • Degree certificate(s);
    • Other marks statements which are awarded by a college or university accredited in your home country.
    • Do not send award certificates in debate, music, art, sports, etc. While you may wish to send these certificates to the school, they are not included in the evaluation process.
    • Do have your academic records translated into English by a professional translation service in order to add validity and authenticity to your documents.
    • Do not send original documents.
    • Do be sure that all photocopies are clear, legible and complete.
    • If your marks statement does not show the names of the courses you have taken, please write this information in or provide a syllabus corresponding to each numbered course (e.g. Math 101 or History 270).
    • If you have a post-graduate diploma, make sure you send a letter from the college or university stating whether the degree is accredited by AICTE or recognized by the university.

If you are applying for a master’s degree or beyond, you usually only need a basic evaluation. If you are applying for undergraduate admission, you generally will need a course-by-course evaluation. Be sure to check with the school to determine which kind of evaluation is required. If the school wants a copy of the evaluation sent directly to them, please indicate this on your evaluation application form and provide a correct mailing address. We may request for verification of your documents from your college or university in your home country.

These simple steps will save you valuable time and money.

Be sure that all photocopied documents are clear, legible and complete. Don’t forget to include copies of any information from the back of documents.

As professionals in International Education, we have seen many files come that are missing information, are unreadable, or are missing the header or bottom portion of the document. If you are thorough and accurate when you assemble your documents, you will ensure yourself a smooth, speedy application process.